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Grounded in Community


Welcome to Our Porch...

Friends and Family gather here!

Travel through this small town to appreciate the simple delights of a classic gathering place!

Visit for a minute ...   Stay for a lifetime!

Top 10

Being a Great Neighbor 

  1.  Know the rules of your community

  2.  Volunteer within your community

  3.  Communicate and get to know your neighbor  

  4.  Keep a lookout for each other​

  5.  Be kind on social media

  6.  Watch the noise; comply with town rules

  7.  Be a responsible pet owner; leash and clean up after your pet

  8.  Keep up your home and property curb appeal

  9.  Remain flexible

  10.  Smile, seek to understand, and keep on being friendly

Visit Vandemere

Valued moments one never forgets:

A gathering day’s delight,
as the warm sun sets;

The promise of a new day,
with a striking sunrise;

Enchantment by the stars,
of nature’s night skies!

Sunset Kayak


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