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Trash Pickup

Vandemere trash collection services are established through Town Hall.  Payments can be made quarterly or yearly.

GFL Environmental
Green For Life

Town of Vandemere Trash Collection Rates
Per Canister

Time Frame       Residential        Business

Quarterly            $45.00                $68.00
Yearly                 $180.00               $272.00

Quarterly Payment Schedule

Time Frame                           Due Dates

1st Quarter (JAN, FEB, MAR)         December 10
2nd Quarter (APR, MAY, JUN)        March 10

3rd Quarter (JUL, AUG, SEP)         June 10
4th Quarter (OCT, NOV, DEC)        September 10

*Payment due upon receipt of invoice          

*Please mail a check or money order
ayable to the Town of Vandemere                                                                 

Payment Guidelines

*A $12.00 late fee will be applied, per month, if not paid by due date                                           

*A drop box is located at the front of the Vandemere Town Hall for your convenience

Mailing Address

Town of Vandemere
P.O. Box 338
Vandemere, NC 28587  

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