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Community Events

Vandemerians are fun, one of a kind, and love to gather.  Stay in touch with our Facebook for upcoming events, turnouts, and local information.

What's Next

What's Next...

Town Board Meeting

Board of Commissioners Meeting
May 13, 2024
6:30 PM 
Town Hall
Vandemere Tree Lightng
Annual Events


Enjoy the Small Town Charm!

Annual Events

Park Venue

Vandemere Waterfront
Park Events

Have your special day at the park!

Wedding & Gatherings

Fishing Tournaments

The Venue and Special Events...

Management of the Vandemere Waterfront Park and the Boat Access Area are a joint venture between the Town of Vandemere and the NC Wildlife Resource Commission.  We strongly recommend that all special events be communicated with the Vandemere Mayor or Town Clerk in order to provide you with the most current information concerning your event day.

Step by Step...

-Contact the Town of Vandemere to coordinate your special event and obtain the most current information concerning the day you have in mind (fishing tournaments or other special events).

-Contact the Town of Vandemere  regarding use of the waterfront park (docks, gazebos and pavilions)

-Fishing tournament permits for boat access use can be obtained via NC Wildlife

-Parking spaces for special use (i.e. social events other than boating events) can be requested via
NC Wildlife and considered on a case-by-case basis

-Permitted use of the Boat Access Area or reservation of town park space does not prevent:
    -Public use of the boat access area
    -Public use of the docks, land, pavillion, or gazebos that are not rented
    -Multiple / simultaneous events, on the same day

Venue Contacts...

Vandemere waterfront Park/ Park gazebos and pavilion Rental
The Mayor:  (252) 745-5480

Parking spaces for special use (social events considered case by case) 

NC Wildlife: (919) 707-0150
Application for Parking Space Consideration


The Boat Access Area for fishing tournaments

NC Wildlife:  (919) 707-0150 Weigh-In Permit info for Boating-Access Areas

Application for Weigh-in permit

Sunset Kayak


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