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Train Depot

The Track to Economic Growth


Driving down Pennsylvania Avenue is like traversing a piece of Vandemere history; this was the exact passage of the railroad back in the early to mid 1900s. The construction of a railroad system was big news to read about starting back in the late 1890s. This system was an important connection for Vandemere to move their crops across the state. The Washington & Vandemere Railroad Company (W&V RR Co) was up and running by 1907. The railroad was a major employer in Vandemere. In 1927, the Atlantic Coastline Railroad Company leased the railroad from W&V RR Co, ultimately owning it by 1944. Automobiles, buses, and trucking were evolving during this time as well. By 1948 the railroad in Vandemere for passenger and freight were discontinued. What remains from these times is the train depot found in the corner of Third Street and Pennsylvania Avenue.

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